July 4, 2017

WeDance Classes starting on July 6th


WeDance is a open space to bring all “I, me “s together to become “we” in a non-judgmental atmosphere of dance and movement class..We will dance, feel, realize, relax and express what need to come out…in a safe land of free flow dance

The WeDance class contains deep listening, dance&movement improvisation and meditation practices…Everybody can join, who likes to engage dance-movemet in their life’s 

Wedance will help you to,
• Realize your body&muscles
• Re-connect with your inner self, clear your mind
• Let your body talk and listen
• Develop you dance expression
• Thrust to the natural flow of life
• Relax and bring back joy to life
• Feel freedom, acceptance and equality

Trainer: http://www.lernababikyan.com/

Space: K77

Time: 16:30-17:30

Participation fee : 7 euros