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Project Description

Rituel Dance classes ideal to celebrate the beginnings, endings, farewells . We able to honor and facilitate a transition period wile we are dancing and strengthening our intention about that process this dance experiences
It only takes place for special and important time periods for us in our lives. We meditation and dance together, according to the need of that time period.

We usually practice a few times a year. Due to the request of interested group of people


  • Provides inner relaxation and tranquility, calms you down 
  • Clear the your vision&perspective
  • Connection of your inner sight become stronger
  • Body&breath awareness flourish
  • Provides knowledge and experience about conscious and ergonomic use of body
  • Establish a peaceful, self-confident relationship with our body
  • Creates live moments-memories that will inspire the us in our life
  • Supports our life actions and gives courage