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Project Description

Living with Creative Dance is a workshop for those who want to open more space to dance in their life and gain more experience and knowledge in dance art. The workshop enriches our relationship with the body, space, time, materials and the elements through dance. It also gives us physical power, flexibility, develops our coordination, creativity, self-confidence, expression ability. Each participant establishes her/his own unique and original contact and meets original, unique translations of life though authentic self . The workshop philosophy is far away from any judgements. 

It’s for experienced students in dance who already been trained in contemporary dance, modern dance, improvisation, creative dance with a min. one year of experience, or the ones who completed the Creative Dance Encounters workshop.

Whole program takes around 12-15 weeks. In the end participants might choose to continue to the advanced classes or end the performance with a dance performance which will be prepared with the direction of the instructor.