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Project Description

This workshop program has been prepared by considering the developmental cycles and needs of pre-school children. Lesson plans which are developed specially by the artist, are mainly consists of dance and additionally interlinked to drama, rhythm and tales.  Its aim is, to support the child’s physical, mental and social development with dance and brings joy, balance, dignity and florid energy to her/his life.

Pre-School teachers who choose to join to this program will expand their activity repertoires, enrich their educational practice and increase their teachings skills by reaching to different intelligence groups, accordingly   quality of the education increases with variety.

The workshop will also give some tools and clues to the teacher, about some formal and informal presentations/performances, in&out doors .

The workshop consist of 10 different creative dance lesson plans and their suggested music options, written materials and the Braindance exercise movements which has been developed in the USA by Anne Green Gilbert. In total it takes 20 hours, need min 6 participants to start.