February 28, 2018

“In the Middle of Spring” Dance&Nature Camp


Here we are here ... In the midst of spring ... 
While celebrating the arrival of spring, with various Dance&Body improvisation 
exercises and games, we will be strengthening our body and open up to flexibility 
to have strong feet to get routed and wings to fly when we wish for it... 
how we feel at this moment, what is happening in our body, 
what we want to reflect outwardly ... will be some of the questions which leads us
through our experimental journey with our body

For a while we will be disconnected from our computers and cell telephones 

You do not need to have a preliminary move or
dance experience to participate

About Latmos's nature, history, geography
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkvdsvecfb to

The camp will take place in and around Lake Bafa Lake, Kapikiri village.
For more details pls mail to yaraticidans@gmail.com