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Lerna Babikyan is holds BA degrees in Adult Education and Modern Dance. She has been facilitating creative dance, improvisation, modern technique and dance composition classes for over 25 years for varied ages in many schools, dance studios and institutions. 

In 2004 she developed “Conceptual Dance Learning Program” for preschools, in 2008 she presented “Teaching Biology Through Creative Dance” in the European Democratic Education Conference, in the same era she joined the Alternative Education Association in Turkey. In relation to alternative pedagogies’ philosophy she has been pioneering “Creative Dance Teacher Training” programs in Turkey since 2015.

As an artist and choreographer, she has been part of many local and international dance festivals, danced multi-disciplinary, improvisational performances, dance movies, she has performed in several theater plays and in front of camera as an actress and choreographer. Meanwhile she has been accepted in artist residency programs in Italy, Austria, USA, Hungary, Portugal and did site specific performances, beside the stage.

In 2018 she did her MA researches on “Effect of creative dance on creativity, physical activity and meta memory skills on 10 years old children” and “Increasing Body Awareness and Creativity Though Body Based Movement Education” in Istanbul. In this experience she realized the incompatible relationship of creative dance pedagogy’s philosophy with conservative, authoritarian institutions through academic censorship and discrimination. Accordingly, she re-established her own critical, political, and ethical point of views on education and art practices.

Her book " Creative Dance - Pedagogy with Movement" has been published on 2022

By minding today’s ethic, ecologic, educational and aesthetic needs; she is designing creative dance and body-based learning programs for students, adults, teachers, physical therapists and similar groups with the purpose of developing body awareness, creativity, holistic and inclusive living, lifelong learning skills, rising self-confidence and identity.

Nowadays she is continuing her research on the nourishing connections of ecology, embodiment, somatic practices and cultural learning; meanwhile keep being part of interdisciplinary performances as a dancer and choreographer, mainly in Istanbul and other locations.

As a lineage; her dance and artistic practices nourished a lot in Çatı Independent Contemporary Dance Artist Association, Istanbul and following trainer’s classes on contemporary dance, improvisation, ballet and somatic trainings left gratitude feelings behind; Anne Green Gilbert, Berrak Yedek, Billie Hanne, Eric Kaile, Gaby Angis, Geyvan McMillan, Loretta Livingstone, Mathew Hopkins, Juan Kruz Diaz Esnaola, Tetsuro Fukuhara, Keith Hannesy, Mustafa Kaplan, Oktay Keresteci, Zeynep Tanbay, Faustin Linyekula Ngoy, Uğur Seyrek, Suprapto Suryodarmo, Susan Bauer, Dr. Rachel Sweeney…