Since early childhood she was very fond of dance and movement.

She waited patiently to grow up so that the day would come when she could make her own decisions concerning her life and future.

After her graduation from the Collage of Education, with no hesitation, she enrolled to the Modern Dance Department.

At the dance school, during her education, she learned that discipline and working really hard is and what it means to be creative.

After her graduation in 2006, she decided to give an break to dancing, and for almost two years she got deeply involved in doing yoga to achieve freedom from all previous dance techniques deeply engrained in her.

As a result, this enabled her to discover her autentic dance which is orginally comes from her body&soul

There was lots of “must and have to”s in her mind, that she could not continue her artistic research with them

But gradually and eventually “leafs” assumed their lively green color again…

Her heartfelt gratitude to:

Çatı Dans, Geyvan Mc Millan, Kaya İlhan, Tuğçe Tuna, Zeynep Tanbay, Berrak Yedek, Tetsuro Fukuhara, Gaby Agis, Anna Green Gilbert, Meryem Quilla, Şirin Duruk and Cho Owe Wa Tee  

Attendent Festivals as a dancer/choreographer/performer/organizer