My name is Lerna Babikyan. I was born in Istanbul in 1980. I completed my undergraduate education in Marmara University Adult Education Department with a certificate of Pedagogical Formation and after in Modern Dance Department in Yıldız Technical University, Art&Design Faculty, as a top rank student. I took part in many local and international contemporary dance festivals as a dancer, performer and choreographer, since 2003.

By combining my knowledge & experience in dance, art education, and science learning methods, since 1997 I have taught children and adults in various schools, foundations and creative dance courses, modern dance and dance composition classes.

I give seminars to the educators and classroom teachers explaining the relationship between dance, movement, learning and perception.

I am a certified teacher of the Braindance technique. I am also the founder and executive of “Creative Dance Teacher Training” which began in 2015 in İstanbul.

Based on the question “How can dance serve to public and individuals in today’s changing world?”, I have created workshops like Open&Sense&Dance and WeDance, which is a combination of relief and meditation techniques with dancing.

Beside dance education programs, I also integrate dance with culture and social needs developing classes like Intercultural Dance, Dance with Armenian Alphabet, etc…

Based on the reality that the body is a miraculous tool for learning, awareness, personal development and healing, I aim to see “Joyful, Researching, Learning, Dynamic Children” in my dance classes and “Flexible, Powerful, Creative Adults” who are at peace with their active&healthy bodies as a benefit from my classes.

In the studies that I did for many years, I have witnessed many times how creative dance classes supports children’s development of mental, social, physical skills in continuous lessons. Also I have been observing that adults who work with their bodies through dance are widening their points of view about life and themselves….Those are the best outcomes of my teaching process as devoted pedagogue

I conduct my individual and group courses, performances, workshops and research mainly in Istanbul and Berlin, but also at different points of the world.